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Bigstock Overview

There are plenty of stock photo sites out there, but not necessarily many that allow you to use their copyright free images for almost any purpose. Bigstock tries to be a break from the norm in this regard, and has certainly built up a strong reputation among its steadily growing and loyal following.

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  • Free trials, image credits, daily and monthly subscriptions and video plans all available
  • Target audience - suitable for almost anyone who would wish to use stock images, such as individual creatives, editorial staff or larger businesses
  • Image formats - photos, illustrations, videos
  • Wide range of image categories including Abstract, Computers, Landscapes, Food, Nature, Sexy and more
  • Standout user value - free images and ability to use photo stock for almost any purpose
  • Some negative reviews online about customer service, but the multiple free trial options are more than welcome

Then-named BigStockPhoto, this leading stock image community was founded in Davis, California in 2004. Five years later, the world's biggest subscription-based image site - Shutterstock - purchased it, followed by a refresh and switch to a shorter name, Bigstock, in 2010.

Plans & pricing

Bigstock has evidently thought of (pretty much) everything as far as ways to buy stock photography are concerned, subsequently devising pricing plans that make sense for a wide range of users' image requirements, relating to both frequency of use and the sheer volume of images used.

1-image a month free trial - Choose one image or vector every month for free. Download any size. No obligation. Cancel at any time.

7-day free trial - Choose five royalty free images a day, free for seven days. Download any size. No obligation. Cancel at any time.

Image credits - Buy them now, use them within one year.

Credit subscriptions

10 image credits$35
25 image credits$49
100 image credits$169
250 image credits$399
500 image credits$495


Daily image subscriptions - Get the most value by downloading every day. 

Daily subscription

 1 Month6 months12 months
5 images per day$79/month$199/month$639/month
10 images per day$99/month$269/month$969/month
20 images per day$169/month$459/month$1,589/month
50 images per day$329/month$929/month$2,879/month


Monthly image subscriptions - Get more flexibility by downloading monthly. 

Monthly subscription

10 images per month$29
25 images per month$69/month
50 images per month$79/month
100 images per month$99/month
200 images per month$189/month


Video plans

Video subscription

5 videos per day$79/month
10 videos per day$99/month
50 videos per month$79/month

Top 3 pros & cons

✔ Over 29 million royalty free photographs and illustrations

✔ Comprehensive support and FAQs

✔ Several free trial options to choose from


Library doesn't compare to the more than 60 million stock photos, vectors, videos and music tracks offered by Shutterstock

Some negative reviews online about standard of customer service

Some customers have also complained about being charged despite cancelling free trial - so check the small print

Customer support

  • Phone, chat, email, FAQs, social media
  • Educational resources include a blog, featuring tutorials, small business tips and more


Bigstock may be Shutterstock's little brother, with less robust library, but it still compares well to most stock photo sites. We were especially pleased to see multiple free trial options, so why not register now to sample the site's free images for yourself? 

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