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Fotolia Overview

Isn't it frustrating at times to find a seemingly brilliant stock photography site that doesn't offer the pricing plans that make sense for you as a professional or your wider business? Fotolia has clearly worked hard to avoid that with its own extensive selection of flexible pricing plans - but that is far from its only strength.

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  • A broad assortment of pay-as-you-go, monthly packs and daily subscriptions, designed to suit the widest range of individuals requiring photo stock
  • A great choice for everyone from professional designers and managers to small business owners and students
  • Image formats - JPEGs, photos, vectors, illustrations and videos
  • Image categories - Core Collection, Infinite Collection and Instant Collection. Top categories include People, Drinks, Animals, Food, Buildings and Architecture and more
  • Standout user value - more ways to buy images than almost any other site selling royalty free images
  • An impressive range of stock photo library (over 43 million images)

Fotolia is a microstock photography agency based in New York. Founded in 2005, the company sources many of its stock images from artists, graphic designers and agencies based across the world. In January 2015, it was purchased by Adobe.

Plans & pricing

Fotolia caters for the full range of needs that its users could conceivably have, with various means of paying for images including on-demand credit packs, monthly packs and daily subscriptions.

On demand credit packs - Access Core, Infinite and Instant Collections, vectors, images in all sizes and videos from web size to full HD. Both Standard and Extended Licenses are available. Expiration period of one year. 


Credit subscriptions
10 credits$11.20
26 credits$28
54 credits$56
112 credits$112
290 credits$280
610 credits$560
1,300 credits$1,120
2,900 credits$2,240
5,600 credits$3,920
9,400 credits$5,600


Monthly packs - Access Core and Instant Collections, vectors and images in all sizes. Standard License. Quota never expires with rollover (unused downloads roll over to the next month for as long as your monthly pack is active or renewed).

  • 10 M or 5 XXL images: $20 (save 20%)
  • 20 M or 10 XXL images: $32 (save 36%)
  • 50 M or 25 XXL images: $60 (save 52%)
  • 100 M or 50 XXL images: $80 (save 68%)
  • 200 M or 100 XXL images: $120 (save 76%)
  • 500 M or 250 XXL images: $200 (save 84%)
  • 1,000 M or 500 XXL images: $360 (save 86%)
  • 2,000 M or 1,000 XXL images: $640 (save 87%)

Daily subscriptions - Access Core and Instant Collections, vectors and images in all sizes. Standard License. Unused quota expires daily. Prices given are for one month, three months, six months and a year respectively.

  • 25 XXL/day: $249; $695; $1,285; $2,361
  • 50 XXL/day: $484; $1,349; $2,493; $4,581
  • 100 XXL/day: $987; $2,614; $4,832; $8,878
  • 150 XXL/day: $1,360; $3,795; $7,017; $12,892
  • 200 XXL/day: $1,753; $4,893; $9,047; $16,622
  • 250 XXL/day: $2,117; $5,908; $10,923; $20,069
  • 500 XXL/day: $3,735; $10,425; $19,275; $35,415

The company can also provide customized services or options to businesses - get in touch with customer services to find out more.

Top 3 pros & cons

✔ Access to more than 43 million images, vectors, illustrations and video clips

✔ Contributions from diverse international community of artists, graphic designers and agencies

✔ Extremely flexible pricing plans


Image count doesn't match the more than 60 million offered by Shutterstock

Customer support not available during holidays

High-res comp access only available from range-topping Fotolia Professional + corporate package

Customer support

  • Phone, FAQs, email
  • Educational resources include a forum and blog


Fotolia may not be perfect in every way, but it comes surprisingly close for a site only established a decade ago. Flexible pricing plans, combined with tens of millions of stock images help to make it a winner. Register for free to begin browsing the complete range of photos.

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